It is very tempting to use exfoliants.  If you suspect that you may have over exfoliated and are suffering with dehydration, increased redness, burning and tightness, it is time to end it.  In my personal experience there is no benefit to a stressed out skin.  Your brain will recognize the trauma and direct the functions of you skin to come to your aid.  The epidermis is your protection against infection and the body will do everything it can to maintain that protection.  If you get into a situation that is worrying you or causing you anxiety try the following:  End the exfoliating, End getting your face wet in the shower (water is drying), End all sources of friction when using your skin care products – no Rubbing.!!  Start cold compressing repeatedly with a wrung out baby washcloth and cold water and always follow with cream.  Start using an extremely gentle touch – move the product and not the skin.  Start patting on your creams and not rub them in.  Start sleeping in a cooler house or sleep without getting hot.  Start cooling yourself down at the end of your shower with cooler water.  Heat is the enemy of beautiful skin.  I personally have never admired hot red skin that is shiny and hard.  Over exfoliating can easily lead to an unhappy skin. Be Gentle and Be Cool and you will be rewarded -:)  See my tips page.

There is another way to exfoliate.  I call it softenate.  Once the skin is out of its irritated condition, you can use gentle cleansers, such as my Clara Cleanser,   to gently smooth the skin with hydration.  Using an extremely gentle touch – move the product – not the skin, the skin will soften.  It is not a quick fix, but your skin will respond to the care.  As they say in Italian “cure gentile per te stesso” – gentle care for yourself.

Many thanks,