You may have been reading about the recent research into the toxicity of microbeads showing up in the food chain.  Scientists have calculated alarming amounts of these tiny plastic beads in the Great Lakes.  Their concern is that through the use of cosmetics and toiletries they are being washed into the waterways.  The fish are eating these beads and then it can end up in the food chain.

Some companies have voluntarily chosen to no longer use these microbeads.  This is great news.  My only concern is that they do not now return to harsh alternatives such as seed and fruit scrubs.  These scrubs scratch with irregularity at the skin, and I have seen much damage from them.  At home acne treatment often includes these types of products.  Unfortunately, through their use, I have noticed pore edges becoming extremely irregular prendre viagra.  Impossible to heal once occurred.

Dzialo Skin Care offers an alternative to scrubs, chemicals, and peels, which is a naturally softening method.  It works without causing any damaging side effects and encourages the skin to restore to health.