So Amazing and Yet So Simple - This Didn't Come Easy

The Spirit of What we Do

Since 1986 The Dzialo Method of skin care developed over many years of research. Resulting in European facials that are simple, natural, and effective. NO HARSH CHEMICALS, SCRUBS, OR MACHINES. There is another way!

UNIQUE EXFOLIATION METHOD, softens and smooths your skin into health and beauty. Healthy skin means Smaller pores and Rich Natural Color. That is what our Dzialo European facials create at Dzialo Skin Care.

OUR SKIN CARE IS NOT COMPLICATED…AND we get it right! For all skin types. Sensitivity, Dryness, Problem Skin, or Acne. Dzialo Skin Care European facials for undeniable beauty.


What every facial includes

  • DEEP PORE EXTRACTION (if you desire)
  • COMPLETES WITH FINISHING CREAM MASK (or upgrade to Collagen Fleeces)

I allow One and 1/4 hours……$90.00

Add collagen fleeces for maximum soothing and hydration.

One collagen fleece….Add $20.00

Two collagen fleeces….Add $38.00

Three collagen fleeces….Add $53.00


As you can see, I love the collagen fleeces.  Over the years, I have offered multiple facial options.  As my knowledge has increased, I have settled on the Collagen Fleece Facials.  I want my clients to have facials that represent my experience and knowledge and these facials do that for me.  I want them to leave with the best possible treatment based on what I have consistently been able to achieve over decades of work.

We also offer lip and brow waxing.

My sister, Andrea of Andrea’s Facials, is located in my building. We can accomodate 2 people at the same time.

Extraction is a very important part of facials, and in my opinion, it is essential in order to change the size of pores. Every skin is different and your skin’s history affects how your skin will respond, but the focus of our facials is gentleness, coolness, and calming, and the advice we will provide to you will show you how you can help reduce clogging in your pores for the long term and restore the natural beauty of your skin.

See: Anti-Aging and  Acne

Handwritten Thank You Notes from my Clients.


(We use Paypal. Our beautifully presented Gift Certificates are mailed to the address you enter in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section when you are reviewing your payment information at the shopping cart. Please contact us with any questions. Thank You.)

Who we are

32 YEARS OF RESEARCH.. Our facials create strong healthy skin. Simply and beautifully. We have created a skin care line and method that works universally with amazing results for every skin type. The Dzialo Skin Care Method was developed by Sharon Dzialo – founder of European Facials by Dzialo. Practiced by both Sharon and her sister, Andrea of Andrea’s Facials.


TO EDUCATE…on how to restore your skin back to its original, natural state. Spread the word on the Dzialo method of skin care. Restore confidence in Aging and end the suffering caused by acne.



NATURALLY STRONG HEALTHY SKIN…Our European facials minimize damaging effects from environment, moisture loss, sun damage, and time. Correct dryness, refine pores, soften and plump lines. Reclaim beautiful skin color.


Understanding the Hidden Reviews at Yelp

At the bottom of the business profiles at Yelp, you will see a link typed in gray saying “Not Recommended at this Time”. Yelp has created an algorithm that, according to the criteria they set, determines if they think the review is suspect or not. In my case, there are roughly 20 reviews that are hidden behind this link. As they change the criteria for the reviews, sometimes they show in the normal section of the profile, sometimes they don’t. They are all real, trustworthy, 5 star, and passionate. I encourage you to click on the link to read them.

Read a Testimonial from a Client

Thank you so much for teaching me about caring for my skin.  You are always so careful, gentle, and effective.  I really appreciate the education as well as the encouragement.  Great products too!      Sophia Pfaff

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