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Problems with over exfoliating and tips for restoring image

It is very tempting to use exfoliants.  If you suspect that you may have over exfoliated and are suffering with dehydration, increased redness, burning and tightness, it is time to end it.  In my personal experience there is no benefit to a stressed out skin.  Your brain will recognize the trauma and direct the functions of you skin to come to your aid.  The epidermis is your protection against infection and the body will do everything it can to maintain that protection.  If you get into a situation that is worrying you or causing you anxiety try the following:  End the exfoliating, End getting your face wet in the shower (water is drying), End all sources of friction when using ...

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Announcing My New Website standard

Learning WordPress was a challenge.  But I am always looking for a challenge in life. After watching tutorial videos at, I made my stab at developing a responsive website. A responsive website lets you see the website equally as well on a smart phone, tablet, or desktop.  It is an ingenious solution to web design and helping the user to enjoy websites. I hope you will enjoy the Dzialo Skin Care website and share with your friends and family viagra generique pharmacie.  In service for  you,  Sharon Dzialo – President Dzialo Skin Care.    

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