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Problems with over exfoliating and tips for restoring image

It is very tempting to use exfoliants.  If you suspect that you may have over exfoliated and are suffering with dehydration, increased redness, burning and tightness, it is time to end it.  In my personal experience there is no benefit to a stressed out skin.  Your brain will recognize the trauma and direct the functions of you skin to come to your aid.  The epidermis is your protection against infection and the body will do everything it can to maintain that protection.  If you get into a situation that is worrying you or causing you anxiety try the following:  End the exfoliating, End getting your face wet in the shower (water is drying), End all sources of friction when using ...

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A New Look For Dzialo Skin Care standard

Here it is – a new logo for Dzialo Skin Care. I originally began my business as European Facials by Dzialo. When I developed my own skin care line, Dzialo Skin Care, I made the transition to a new logo. Now I am updating my look. I hope you like it. Look for my website, to reflect the changes in the upcoming weeks and months. Thank you everyone in Portland and around the United States for your continued support of my european facials and my beautiful skin care line. <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-6202" src="http://www.dzialoskincare vendre viagra” alt=”dzialo_logo_mail” width=”288″ height=”252″ />

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Joy Is The Greatest Cosmetic standard

A client recently presented me with a beautiful pot of flowers and a delightful card proclaiming “Joy is the Greatest Cosmetic” viagra tarif france. I so agree. At Dzialo Skin Care, we are dedicated to creating a beautiful experience that comes from the harmony of process and emotion. At this lovely time of year, I wish you all great inner peace and joy. Thank you for all of your continued support to those of you in Portland and around the United States. Sharon Dzialo

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Portland Monthly readers pick Dzialo standard

I am proud to write that in the November 2014 issue of Portland Monthly, readers picks for their PDX Grooming Guide in Portland included Dzialo Skin Care. Here’s what was said: “But you also need the functional, recurring facial – the lifelong pact to make skin care a priority. Turn to Sharon Dzialo, who’s spent the last 28 years taking care of clients (some who’ve been with her the whole time) with her custom line of skin care products developed over years of research.” I so appreciate such a wonderful comment on my business. I thought you might appreciate it too prix viagra 100 en pharmacie. Sharon Dzialo

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Microbead Exfoliants Toxic? standard

You may have been reading about the recent research into the toxicity of microbeads showing up in the food chain.  Scientists have calculated alarming amounts of these tiny plastic beads in the Great Lakes.  Their concern is that through the use of cosmetics and toiletries they are being washed into the waterways.  The fish are eating these beads and then it can end up in the food chain. Some companies have voluntarily chosen to no longer use these microbeads.  This is great news.  My only concern is that they do not now return to harsh alternatives such as seed and fruit scrubs.  These scrubs scratch with irregularity at the skin, and I have seen much damage from them.  At home ...

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Are clogged pores dirty? Due to many images and advertisements of people attempting to clean their skin at the surface, many believe that clogged pores get “dirty” from dirt in the air (or something). In my experience, this is not the case.  Science also explains this. One of the ways to look at this is to observe the effects of the drug Accutane that has been prescribed for Acne. My understanding of this drug (it is taken internally) is that it works on the glands and sebaceous cells themselves. My observation of clients who actually were on the Accutane drug were that the pores just simply shrank dramatically over a six month period.  My understanding is that it inhibits the ...

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