Are clogged pores dirty? Due to many images and advertisements of people attempting to clean their skin at the surface, many believe that clogged pores get “dirty” from dirt in the air (or something). In my experience, this is not the case.  Science also explains this.

One of the ways to look at this is to observe the effects of the drug Accutane that has been prescribed for Acne. My understanding of this drug (it is taken internally) is that it works on the glands and sebaceous cells themselves. My observation of clients who actually were on the Accutane drug were that the pores just simply shrank dramatically over a six month period.  My understanding is that it inhibits the ability of the gland to produce sebum  by debilitating the sebaceous cells and so over time the pores shrink.

In my personal experience as an esthetician since 1986, pores do not fill from dirt on the surface and all that “surface cleaning” is only aggravating the glands deeper inside the skin. Accutane patients are not put in a bubble to live in for 6 months away from dirt in the air. It is a drug that is taken internally to affect the glands. Therefore I concluded that it is the glands that are responsible for the clogging of the pores.

Within my practice, I have been able to help many people suffering with acne. Extraction in the facial is a key element to change the size of the clogged pores. My experience has taught me repeatedly that the pores will change in size from a combination of extracting the pores on a regular basis and by removing all drying and friction from the skin care regime. By removing the sources of irritation to the skin you are literally retraining the glands not to overproduce sebum. It is also extremely important that friction be avoided at all costs, because the constant rubbing will signal to the brain to come to your protection by building callous or extra layers of skin over the pores to trap in the built up sebum and dead skin cells. The skin is full of neural communication to the brain. 156 inches of nerve fibers, 200 pain sensors all in a square centimeter. That is a lot of messaging. Your brain needs to know exactly what you are doing to your body in order to keep you alive. It is a simple biological requirement.

As you remove friction and irritation, the skin’s functions will begin to normalize viagra en vente france. Regular facials, in combination with a retraining of how to touch your skin and remove burning, drying, and scrubbing products, will remove the buildup in the clogged pores through the manual extraction. I have seen this repeatedly throughout my career. If only this Basic science that was taught at the cosmetic counter. So Important. Would it not be fabulous to see this video when buying cosmetics? Wonderful short animation on skin nerual receptors: Animated Video on Nerves in the Skin